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Hong Kong Techathon 2018 final results

We take pleasure to announce the 13 winning teams to get:

- direct entry to PolyU Micro Fund Scheme 2018 Final Assessment for a Seed Fund up to HK$120,000

- direct entry to CityU Student Early Entrepreneurship Development Scheme (SEEDS) Final Assessment for a Seed Fund up to HK$200,000 and CityU Incubation Programme Final Assessment

- a conditional offer to HKSTP Incubation Programme

in no particular orders, are: [Project name (contact person)]

- ChatCampaign (Claudia Sin)

- Lambda Sense (Barry Leung)

- Loklok and MoMo (Wong Lok)

- Freedrop (Jason NG)

- Sense+ (MA Mingyu)

- AKB (Lee Yen Benjamin)

- Mrs Cooky (Zachary Wong Chun Hei)

- Bucky (SILVER, PANG Long Ting)

- Microsfeed (Robert Parcus)

- 8BTC (Kama Wong)

- Mamosound (Alexander Nicol)

- Health (hui tin ho)

- U-Check (Samuel Yung)

Note: To be entitled to the awards, all winning teams MUST submit formal applications to respective funding or incubation programmes of PolyU/CityU/HKSTP (subject to terms and conditions). Please refer to for details.

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